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24th Jun 2022 0 Comments

Centurion Lifestyle Centre expands selection with new retailers

Centurion Lifestyle Centre is more than a shopping centre. This mall also aims to fulfil the lifestyle needs of the many shoppers whose first retail choice it is, and that means offering clientele a wide range of products and services.

For this reason, Centurion Lifestyle Centre is happy to announce the addition of two more retailers, with another set to open its doors soon.

Computer Den recently opened at Centurion Lifestyle Centre, and offers a host of computer and tech-related products and gear. Computer equipment that fits the bill of tech junkies and tech lovers alike is sure to make it easier to find the right solution to your tech issue, whilst Computer Den also provides dependable electronic solutions for your business.

If you’re more interested in boots than in booting up, you’ll be thrilled to hear that Footgear is now open at Centurion Lifestyle Centre. This footwear retailer stocks the world’s most highly regarded shoe brands at the very best prices, and with everything that is available, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect fit at Footgear.

Maco Mattress and Couch Outlet will soon start trading at Centurion Lifestyle Centre, too. With a huge selection of bedroom and lounge-related products, Maco will make it easy to redesign the favourite spaces in your home for summer. Don’t get caught asleep – keep an eye on Centurion Lifestyle Centre’s Facebook page to find out when Maco opens.

From restaurants to fashion and everything in between, Centurion Lifestyle Centre is your first retail choice in Centurion and surrounds. Centurion Lifestyle Centre is home to retailers in the home and décor, fashion and footwear, and health and beauty industries, and also has grocery stores, department stores and speciality stores, so you need only drop by once to tick everything you have to do off your list.

Visit us today for the biggest variety at prices that will give you more bang for your buck.

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