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27th May 2022 0 Comments

Nip your bouquet choice problems in the bud with this handy guide to the meaning of flowers

Receiving a beautiful bouquet is a singular and simple pleasure of life, making us hark back to a bygone era when almost any sentiment you can imagine could be expressed by gifting its matching flower.

So popular was the practice of giving flowers in the Victorian era, that flower dictionaries explaining the meaning of the different types of plants (which were derived from different historical sources, like the Bible and some of Shakespeare’s works, for example) were common. Dubbed floriography, this language of flowers was often used to send a message to the person who received a bunch.

To make your choice easier when buying someone flowers, consult this handy guide.

Flowers for a beloved

If you’re thinking of buying flowers for your significant other, consider these popular choices:

Primroses: A good option when the relationship is still new, as these flowers signify new beginnings and new love.

Pink roses: Conveying admiration, pink roses are a good choice for someone you like.

Coral roses: Desire is the sentiment associated with a rose in this colour.

Red roses: Signifying passion, this flower is always popular on Valentine’s Day.

Forget-me-nots: As the name denotes, these flowers mean “remember me forever”.

Flowers for a friend

Yellow roses are a good choice if you’d like to spoil a friend with a fresh bouquet of flowers. If you want to send someone flowers for their birthday, take a look at some of these options:

Jasmine: Jasmine symbolises grace and elegance – a great choice for someone you think of as quite formidable.

Geraniums: Geraniums signify true friendship and comfort.

Pink carnations: A symbol of gratitude, pink carnations are a beautiful way to say “thank you”.

To convey sympathy

We often send flowers when someone passes away. To make the right choice in this regard, consider the following flowers:

Orchids: These flowers convey sympathy and eternal love.

Lilies: Lilies signify the innocence that has been restored to the person who has passed.

Gladioli: Gladioli are a symbol of moral integrity, sincerity and strength of character.

Chrysanthemums: These flowers are symbolic of honouring a full life.

White roses: White roses express reverence.

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