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11th Oct 2019 0 Comments

You Know You Want It

Everyone goes gaga over free stuff. Or is it just me?

Why do we love free stuff so much? Even if we could easily afford the tiny sample of whatever is offered to us. Winning stuff, sampling stuff, buy 1 get 1 free, you name it and I guarantee you: we’ll be over here, feeling excited. And I’ve found an easy way to get some seriously good stuff, so keep on reading.

Just think of any event where the speaker on stage starts throwing free t-shirts into the audience. It might as well be the annual flat-earth society convention and the attendees could all be bonafide round-earth scientists. But throw a t-shirt and suddenly everyone’s converted.

I’m obviously not referring to free stuff such as cars or houses or holidays abroad. I’m referring to teensy tiny perfume sachets with barely enough flavour for one inner-wrist of one very tiny individual, little blocks of cheese that are probably slightly more matured as they should be, cheap make-up in an unflattering shade inside a pouch with your favourite magazine and hundreds and hundreds of lanyards… so many lanyards…

In a previous life, I was working at a fancy-schmancy investment banking sort of place, doing staff-related communications. In the specific division where I was concentrating my efforts one sunny week in Sandton, we were doing desk-drops – a note with an important announcement, coupled with fun-sized chocolate (the definitive word here would be cheap).

I can safely say that every single individual in that division was way beyond minimum-wage, yet… skip one desk in your feeding frenzy and you’ll see the effect free stuff have on people.

I will never intentionally deprive any hard-working person of a soul-lifting snack right when the 2 PM slump at work kicks in, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions, isn’t it?

And thus the portal of wrath was opened when the inhabitant of said skipped desk realised the absolute depravity they were being forced to face by not receiving a (cheap) fun-sized chocolate with the (much more important) note.

Now I’m not judging at all, what I’m trying to illustrate is that even an individual who clearly could easily afford that free thingie, would take the time to write a formal letter of complaint to HR to ensure that they receive the free thingie and that the distributor of the free thingies get a stern talking to. True story.

If you’re human, you’ll want free stuff. And if you’re working very hard for your money, you’ll want it even more!

So, my eyes are always peeled for special offers, competitions, free stuff etc. and I will let you in on a little secret. The New Centurion Mall in Centurion is giving away R1 million in shopping vouchers to 10 lucky people – which means you can win yourself vouchers to the value of R100 000!

You know what you have to do – it’s there for the taking and no-one has ever won the lotto without a ticket!

One last note and then my work is done:
For more info, you can have a look at the Centurion Mall website or facebook page or just keep your eyes peeled for the competition entry boxes in-store.